Developing Treatments

Audion’s drug development programs currently focus on inner hair cell regeneration.

We have developed new scientific techniques and gathered detailed knowledge of inner ear molecular biology to enable us to develop new drugs that can regenerate the lost hair cells and potentially restore a level of hearing.

To make these new therapies as effective as possible, we’re also developing better ways to deliver them directly into the inner ear.

inner ear cochlea biology

Image by Dr. Sonja Pyott, University of North Carolina

Our developing IP portfolio encompasses new molecules, delivery systems and drug discovery tools for hearing and hearing loss research.  We have our own validated industrialized screening cascade and a critical path to identify, verify and develop new small molecule compounds which, together with our in-depth knowledge of inner ear biology and tools for hearing loss research, will enable us to progress these new compounds through the drug development process.

Our lead programme focusing on Notch inhibition to regenerate hair cells is planned to enter a clinical safety study in patients with hearing loss in 2017.

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